FAQs about Lawn Irrigation

You’ve invested alot in your beautiful lawn and landscaping plants. Here are some tips to keep them that way, and save money, with properly maintained lawn irrigation and sprinkler systems!

1. Don’t waster water - and your good money - on areas that don’t need it. Have sprinkler heads properly aimed and the spray adjusted for even coverage without overlap.

2. Ensure you don’t run up your water bill, by finding and repairing leaks from valves or pipes damaged during winter.

3. Protect your investment in your landscaping shrubs and flowers by adding zones with driplines to keep them properly watered during dry times.

4. Have rain sensors installed that will bypass your sprinkler timer so the system is deactivated during wet weather.

5. Have a professional set the timer at your control box to run water just long enough to water each zone properly.

6. To have any of your other questions about irrigation systems and lawn sprinkler repair or maintenance, email us or call (804) 314-6959 or (757) 258-1110.

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